I said it on Facebook last night, and I’ll say it again: you have all struck me speechless with the love and support you’ve all given Fen and me. He and I spent yesterday in a bit of shock. For three years, this was our dirty little secret (not as secret as we thought, but pffft) and we feared the same kind of fall out we’ve gotten in real life. We should have given you far more credit in a genre built on acceptance, where love is love and you want stories where gender doesn’t matter.

You are the best of humanity and I’m proud to be a part of it.

It’ll take me days to get back to those who messaged me, but please be patient. I will.


13 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Happy second day of the rest of your life. I imagine a huge grin on your face and a weight lifted of your shoulders. I’d love to say ‘I told you so’ but even my optimism wasn’t strong enough to predict the extent of this outpouring of support. Be happy, enjoy the afterglow and embrace the love.

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  3. Sorry I have to disagree with you. We are not amazing it’s people like you and Theo and my own child who are amazing. People who are brave enough to show the world the beauty of who they truly are even though there are those in this world who won’t understand the gift they are being given. You are the ones who make people like me want to try. To live better to do better and to be better. So thank you for being you.


    • Well said, Karen. It takes little to no courage to support, just heart. To stand up and say, look at me, I may not conform to what is by most considered to be the norm but I’m me and I’m proud and good enough, that takes courage. The kind of courage AJ and Theo showed yesterday. The kind your child shows every day. Which makes them the sort of people we all should aspire to emulate.


  4. I think it is great that you have had such support (sorry I didn’t visit here to comment yesterday.) It truly is amazing how forgiving the people in this genre have been.
    But also, I think you should understand that you would have had this same support (and so would Fen) if you both had been honest at the start. The years of fictional blog-diary entries were unnecessary, though I’m sure they were fun to write.
    I admire your bravery for revealing the truth and owning up to the deception. I don’t totally understand your reasons, but I don’t believe your intent was to hurt anyone. I appreciate your honesty and I will support you as always, from the margins (where I float around) ❤


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