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With the unexpected success of the Power Exchange books, I get a lot of email, tweets, Facebook PMs, asks on Tumblr and such asking me when they can expect my next book, if there’ll be a sequel to Safeword, (Consent, Book 3, released 9.28.2014) if I have any more short stories planned. I’m staggered by the amount of email I receive from people in general simply telling me how much they enjoyed reading what I’ve written. It makes for the warm fuzzies, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep up. I’m spending my writing time catching up on my email, and the quickest way to halt a writing career is to halt the writing. I can’t let that happen.

So here’s a nifty new page on my blog to let everyone know what to expect!

Now, the world is wide open to me, and the ideas that have gone on a shelf while I worked on Ben and Gavin’s story are all shouting to be heard. I’m currently in the process of writing the 4th Power Exchange book, titled Restraint.

I’m done with being bowled over by stand alone stories and have finally bitten off a sizable chunk of the apocalypse series, titled The Long Fall of Night. No more of this:

I’m working on an apocalypse story centered in the eastern half of the U.S. which will then span the country as my main characters, Ash and Elliot, navigate a world where all the old rules no longer apply. Here’s a tease of the cover.

Background contaminated industrial town V2


There’ll be chaos, martial law, fledgling relationships that deepen to something more, soldiers, aid camps, corruption, sex, and smart men doing smart things (and some not so smart). I have released book one on June 17th, 2015, please see My Books for links on where to buy, or check out the sidebar if you want to go to Amazon. If all goes as planned, this is my next series.

I also have a joint project I have just started with the brilliant and beautiful Kate Aaron that I am so excited about, I cannot even say. Artificial intelligence. Nerd scientists looking hot in their glasses. And the question about when a person becomes a person with rights of their own. While it’s fun and a little geeky, it’s also serious and potentially moving. At least, I hope we can write it that way.

So there you have it. My plans for the next few books. I will update this page as things progress so check back when you’re wondering, “When was it AJ said she’d be releasing her next book?”

Happy reading!


15 thoughts on “Upcoming Works

  1. Excellent idea, AJ. You are certainly right to prioritize your focus, and this is a great way to keep the fans updated without having to sacrifice precious writing time. I have said it many times here on your blog, on Goodreads, and on Facebook, but I have to mention again how your success warms my heart, and I wish you all the best on the WIP and all the future works you have planned. 🙂

    Nice to meet Toby and Corey, by the way. They’re adorable!


  2. Um, what Christine said. And plans for FOUR books (omg, your head must be buzzing). I’m looking forward to the little snippets and teases, and Queers (this is probably the first time in my life that I’m glad December’s not too far away;) )


  3. This is an awesome idea! I am FUCKTARDEDLY Excited for Queers!!! It’s madness how excited I am! But I wouldn’t want you to halt your writing so this is a brilliant idea. The illustrations are outstanding and your cover is wonderful! Can’t wait


  4. Very looking forward to your new (4) books !!♪ ヽ(´▽`)/。..
    but does this means no more story for Ben & (lovely) Gevin (T_T).

    Thank you for this page, though.


  5. Thanks for answering me about PE. I think that Myah’s story will be awesome. I finally read the teaser for Queens and I’m gonna let that satisfy my to PE 3 is released. I’m a horrible blogger buy I wanted to say I like the new page much better. You rely are a fantastic writer. BDSM is a lifestyle and every life needs romance as well as people who leave the bedroom or playroom. You truly hit the nail on the


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  7. Thanks AJ for your books of PE, I stumbled upon them and might I say I loved them. I was sad when Safeword ended, but happy to know that it would be a third book. I am getting ready to read Myah’s story the book Consent I am kind of scared, but I will be brave and weather the storm. LOL! I love the Ben and Gavin story, and it’s so much to touch on in there relationship. I hope its another book about them, and his brothers. Keep up the good writing, and I will keep reading. Happy Holidays!


  8. Please don’t let this be your last book with Gavin, Ben, Myah, Cole and the Cop Family. I know there is alot of stories to be told. I wish these stories was on DVD as Movies Novel. I would love to see people acting out these characters. I guess for know they will play in my head. LOL
    Thank you for the good writing giving me something goo to read. I love your writing, and continue for us the people who are tired of reality show, and need some creativity in our lives. To You and Your Family Happy Holidays!

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