Calling All LGBT Authors

You know what pisses me off?

People expecting me to tolerate them when they are intolerant of me. Being told that because I’m in a same-sex relationship, I’m somehow less than. That my voice matters less. That my choices hurt other people who literally have nothing to do with me, but their choice to minimize me is more important than my right to live in liberty and pursuing happiness.

I was born in the United States, land of the free. But I am not free.

I can’t go to every state in the country and have my soon-to-be marriage to a woman recognized. I can’t get a job anywhere in the country without checking first if I can be fired for being in love with my fiancée and willing to commit myself to her for the rest of my life.

And now, I can’t drive into the state of Indiana without fear that stopping for a bite to eat with my partner wouldn’t get me thrown out on my ass, legally. Well, until they put through an amendment saying it wasn’t okay to do so by business owners whose religious beliefs clash with my life.

In the wake of the passing of the Indiana Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, a fundraiser set up to support a family who own a pizza parlor and think it’s their “right” to refuse service to LGBT customers has raised almost $1 million.

Unfortunately, a pro-LGBT counter-fundraiser hasn’t got nearly the same traction. It’s one thing to tweet our outrage, or share a link on Facebook to an article. It’s another matter entirely to put our money where our mouths are. I think about whether or not I could walk into a business in Indiana (or any of the other 28 states considering such legislation without making LGBT people a protected class) and end up humiliated by being tossed out because I dared briefly hold Kate’s hand or otherwise make it obvious I’m in love with her.

Imagine that. Being told no, you’re not worthy of sitting at their tables, eating their food, no matter if you can pay for it, because the person sitting beside you is your partner and happens to have the same chromosomes as you. It would probably make a scene, right? It would definitely be enough to raise tempers. If my children were there, witnessing in action the active discrimination of their moms, my utter mortification would be complete.

What are we supposed to do, stay home? Not drive through this state and stop for a hotel room or gas? What if there’s a writer’s con there, a business reason for me to enter Indiana? It’s demoralizing, humiliating, and downright wrong that a country with religious freedom woven into the fabric of our constitution has places where they say it’s okay to use that religious freedom to beat a demographic of society down.

What does it say to our youth, who aren’t in their thirties and know how to stand up for themselves? It says sit down, shut up, and pretend to be our definition of acceptable or just go away.


So Kate Aaron, Meredith King, and I are gathering up as many authors as we can who write about love in whatever form it takes to take a stand as a collective community and try to counter the pizza place’s fundraiser. Together we can reach hundreds if not thousands of readers, and we’d like to offer them the chance to win an ebook if they donate $5 to a deserving LGBT charity or share charity links across their social networks.

We sent out a few very large PMs on Facebook to rally authors who want to shout love is love just as loudly as we are to our side in this. But one, those big PMs suck and to those who were cool about it anyway, thank you for being patient with us for the initial push on this. Two. We know we missed people, but we don’t want any author who is willing to join us in this effort to feel like they can’t. We want everybody who is able to hop on this wagon if you’re so inclined.

So what do you say? Can you spare a copy of an ebook (reader’s choice works best, but we know some authors have publisher restrictions) for a worthy winner as incentive for readers to donate? We need to hear back by Thursday, April 9th (to diversereader at yahoo dot com, author at kateaaron dot com, or ajrosefiction at gmail dot com), for a blog post going up on 18th April at announcing the giveaway, the rules for readers, and the reason behind the fundraiser.

The day of the post, all we ask is that you share the post link on your various social media to alert your fans of the opportunity, and when the deadline for the giveaway passes, we’ll email you the name of your winner and their email so you can contact them about their prize. It’s easy, hosted in one place for readers to follow and enter, and will show that we mean business.

As of the writing of this blog post, we have 106 participating authors. ONE OH SIX. It seems like those we’ve been able to get in touch with are just as indignant as I am. Because we ARE ALL human beings, and no, I will not sit down, behave, and be someone else’s definition of acceptable when who I love hurts no one.

LGBT people aren’t going anywhere, and our allies have loud voices. Let’s use them.

*ETA, we’ve been contacted by some of the review site owners about adding in a gift card for the cost of a single book as incentive as well, and I’d like to say that’s awesome, if those sites are willing to do so. You’ll be emailed just as an author would to handle transfer of the prize to the winner, but we’d like to keep it to the cost of a book per gift card, so as to avoid a sort of lottery situation. Money for donations gets into potential legalities I’m not sure would help the cause. 



80 thoughts on “Calling All LGBT Authors

  1. Aj, I think you already know I’m in on this. I do have to limit it to my books published with my little indie house, Jab-on-Snag publishing. Just be sure to send me the details (at my website there’s a contact form, and that’s probably the best way to reach me. The website is Okay. Later. 🙂

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    • Gotcha down. We will be contacting people in prep for the giveaway with the link to spread and after the deadline with winners’ contact info. Thank you!


  2. I would love to contribute. I own most of mine. They are available in all formats. I can be reached at my WordPress account. Let me know what you need and when.


  3. I’d love to join in. I have a book on Amazon. I need help with the technical side of donating. Contact me if you would and I would love to help.


    • Got you added to the participating authors list. Emails for the permalink for the fundraiser/giveaway post will follow in the day or so before the 18th. Thank you!


  4. AJ I have one m/m book published so far, I would love to donate 2 e-book copies to 2 winners please.


  5. I’m in! Have you thought about doing a thunderclap for it? Not sure if there’s enough to garner support, but it’s an option if it’s feasible. And any book, choice, upside down, hanging, I don’t care. 🙂


  6. I’m interested. I have a few self pub that I can offer, but as others have said I have restrictions on some books as to how many I can offer, but I’m interested!


  7. I’d love to donate an ebook of each of my books. There are five in all, but 3 are a series, so maybe it’d make the most sense to give those away as a set so nobody ends up with book 3 only…


    • Got you on the list for two standalone giveaways and one series giveaway. Thank you so much! Email will follow sometime next week.


  8. Totally down with this. Hell, I’d cough up a couple of autographed trade paper copies if it’d raise more cash for the cause. Love over hate… that’s our motto (well, one of them I’m sure). Peace and Love y’all! SA C


  9. I’ve shared… I’m a reader not an author but I would like to gift an ebook of the winners choice from ARe or Totally Bound….


    • Thanks for the generous offer, but as a reader we’d love you see you participate from the other side and give any money you’re willing to donate directly to charity ❤


  10. Count me in. I self pub, so I’m good with readers choice on any book in my Sizzling Miami series or, if they’ve read those and can wait til May 8th to receive the prize, they can have a copy of my next release.

    Jessie G


  11. I’Ve shared this on FB and Twitter and will be watching for the information from participating authors that I’ve friended or follow for the next step. I’m in on the reader side of this amazing opportunity.

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    • There are three fundraisers that have been set up by others in direct response to the pizza one. We will link to those three in our fundraiser post so people can pick, or if they have another one in mind, like Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta or another one local they prefer, they can choose that. We will make access to the pizza ones easy but we aren’t requiring they pick those exact fund campaigns.


  12. I’ve only got one MMMMMM very short piece out at the moment (all the rest is MF or waiting on publishers) but, I’m happy to give away 5 copies of it.


  13. I’m sorry I missed the deadline! I just came across this, but I would have loved to be a part of it. I’m a small publisher. We have a variety of titles with our next release being an LGBT love story. If there is any way I can be of help, or can jump in late, please let me know. Forbidden by Matthew Freake is expected to launch May 17th. I have Advance Review copies I can offer. Or reader’s choice from our website:


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