Busy Little Beaver

So there are a couple things in the works regarding the Power Exchange series. One, I’m not ready to talk about. The other thing is Consent is in the paperback review process. So if you’ve got the first two in hard copy, the third is on the way.

Also, I’d taken my titles down from All Romance eBooks a little bit ago due to some administrative publisher shuffling, but they are now available again. Except for The Yearning. That one I’ll have to get going again. It died with my previous laptop.

This is possibly my last post before the end of the year, so if I don’t see ya around before then, have a safe and peaceful holiday season and Happy New Year.

Quick Update and a Tease

The holidays are a busy time of the year for everyone, so this will be fast (I hope. I’m a wordy mothahfuckah). The voting has begun over on the M/M Romance Group Member’s Choice Awards on GoodReads. If you haven’t gotten a chance, here’s the linkFrom what I understand, you have to have been a member before November this year to be able to vote in the polls. Lots and lots of good authors and books in those lists. It’s very, very difficult to pick.

So, there’s some travel coming up for me, and I predict being pretty scarce (though I will try not to be). I’m working hard at the moment, though life seems to be getting me in the teeth lately. The paperwork to bring Kate to my side permanently hit a snafu (because people keep mistaking me for an adult, which duh, no) and I am seriously missing her, especially through the holidays. Forget the car trouble, the medical bills, the fucking up my back (again! JEEZ) and Amazon paying royalties late (first time in the three years I’ve been doing this, and their timing couldn’t have sucked more). That is just annoying. Her absence is what hurts late at night, when the house is dark, the glow of other people’s Christmas lights slat through the blinds in painfully cheerful blinking patterns, and the only heartbeat I hear is mine. If I’m cold, I have furbabies to snuggle with, but they have paws that have sharp things on the end. They’re not Kate’s soft embrace, or her warmth, and while I’m an open kind of girl, Kate doesn’t tend to lick me on the face. Furbabies aren’t the same.

I have also been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, on top of the asthma, and wow, this year can go fuck itself gently with a chainsaw. I know a couple other people whose hands would fly into the air if I asked who else thinks 2014 can suck a live wire. So if you’re having a difficult time of things? You’re not alone. But hang in there. There is good out there. Like this:

I promised to donate a portion of sales of my last release, Consent, to Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta, GA, a shelter and homeless youth center for LGBT kids, and because of the generosity and awesomeness of my readers, we’re getting close to $1,500 on that check. I’m extending the period of sales for the donation tally until December 10th to coincide with a giveaway that will run beginning December 4th for a week. Keep an eye out for the link on Thursday.

To thank you all for your general awesomeness and to say happy holidays, I’m giving you an early Christmas gift, albeit a rough draft of one. Someone in Ben and Gavin’s world has been whispering in my ear, and while this is not another Power Exchange book, I’ve begun a story in which Ben and Gavin play a part, albeit a small one. You all remember McKnight, right? The pimp from Consent?

McKnight needed his own book.

Merry Christmas!

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Lost N Found Youth

It’s no secret LGBT youth are most at risk for homelessness, human trafficking, and suicide, especially in the teen years. Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta is working hard to help these kids every day in one of the cities with a large population in need.

According to their website (http://lostnfoundyouth.org/) they are a young organization, not quite three years old, and very much in need of our help to achieve their goals. As such, and because Consent (Power Exchange Book 3) delves into the seedy underworld of human trafficking, I am making a pledge. I will donate 10% of the first two months of royalties from the sale of Consent to Lost n Found Youth.

We can all do a little bit to help and no amount is too small. Please consider your own donation to Lost n Found, or if the budget is too tight, spread the word about the book. It costs you nothing and can still do some good for these kids who get thrown out of their homes for being who they are.

Do I Wanna Know?*

*post title from Arctic Monkeys song title

In the wake of a book release, there’s usually a couple of interviews on review sites and maybe a blog hop or perhaps a spotlight somewhere. I’ve done a handful of these, both as myself and as a character (or group of them,  when Queers came out). I am okay at interviews, but I’m finding it harder to be original with the usual sets of questions, so I thought I might try something different this time.

I want you to ask me the questions.

What do you want to know? Do you want to ask a question of a specific character? Do you want to know something no one has ever asked? How about something related to a future story I’ve mentioned? (Like what happened to that boyband trilogy I was talking about?)

Well, fire away. In the comments if you wish, or if you want to remain more private, ajrosefiction@gmail.com.  You can also ask me on any one of my social media places if that’s more convenient. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Some of you may already know this, but last Saturday, when I had expected to be writing the last two scenes of Consent, I was instead camped out in the emergency room hoping to get a breathing treatment. Friday night, I had a bit of a sore throat. Saturday, I woke up and felt like I was drowning. One minute I was joking with the sassy, hot phlebotomist and discussing plot bunnies with Kate to put him in a story with the gymnastics teacher I’ve sworn for months needs his own story, and trying to convince the med student listening to my chest that no, I didn’t have chills or a fever or anything other than breathing problems. The next minute, I was listless on the gurney, suddenly shivering and battling cold sweats, and my temperature was 101.5°. The staff was talking about admitting me if I couldn’t get my oxygen saturation levels up to 95% and on the monitor they had me hooked to, I was lucky to be pulling 91 and the infernal thing kept beeping because I was dipping down into the high 80s.

They didn’t give me a choice. I had pneumonia and they weren’t going to let me leave. Four days in the hospital, a slew of tests, and many, many blood draws and shots of other sorts later, I have some answers to what completely derailed me for days. I likely have asthma, and I almost definitely have sleep apnea. The breathing issues coupled with my burning the midnight oil and skipping meals to write at every opportunity is what brought on the pneumonia, which the lung doctor said I likely had for a couple weeks before I noticed anything beyond the fatigue I always battle due to being severely anemic (and the sleep apnea I never knew I had). I have appointments out the wazoo to confirm all the suspicions in the next few weeks.

So my plans to have Consent in the hands of my betas this week went awry. I’m feeling a little better, but I’m still really weak, and easily tired out. They say it could be weeks before I’m full strength again. I can promise the book will still be released in September, but it will likely be the end of the month rather than the beginning or middle, like I’d hoped.