No kissing, I remembered from the lust-filled echo in my head of Ben’s first admission of wanting to tempt a third to play with us. When the guy tried to lower his lips to mine, I turned to the side, and his mouth landed on the curve of my jaw. A breath puffed against my sweat-prickled skin as Blond Guy chuckled, then mouthed down my neck. My cock perked up more, and when a hand landed on it, I didn’t know if it was Ben’s or our new friend’s. Ben’s tongue traced the other side of my neck, and I became the beat of the music, the slide of skin against skin, the heat of lust. Fingers played up and down my length while the three of us moved as one, and the song became less lyrics, more raw fucking beat.


This ‘n That

So the last couple weeks, I’ve considered and discarded several blog post ideas because there wasn’t much to them. But I went and built this spiffy new place, so I need to keep up with it. That means, you get a mishmash of mostly random shit. Lucky you!

My ADD. Let me show you it.

First, I’ve been on a K.A. Mitchell reading kick. One of her books, Life, Over Easy, felt as though it was written just for me. She has a descriptive writing style, and quite a backlist, so I’m a happy reader lately.

I will, however, be setting aside most reading for the next few days to do another #MonsterWritingWeekend. If I’m to maintain my schedule, Power Exchange 3 (tentatively titled Consent) needs to  be finished mid-July and I’m only about half done. I have also agreed to beta for a fellow author (and I’m trying really hard not to gloat at what I have in my hot little hands) and then I have some other items to handle to prep PE3. I mean, it needs a cover, right? And not just any cover will do.

What I didn’t expect was a bout of flu. Who gets the flu in the summer? Apparently I’m an overachiever when it comes to reasons to nap. The resulting time off work, however, fucked up my vacation plans in October to go back to England to see Trouble. The good news is, Trouble will be here in eleven short days, and is staying for three months. I’ve only explained Trouble on Facebook, so a quick rundown is this: I met someone in England. We spent the entire week together when I was there in April. We talk every day and Skype when we can, though the time difference doesn’t help much. A few weeks ago, he worked some stuff out on the other side of the pond to be able to stay with me for three months. I won’t really be going into a lot of detail about our relationship because neither of us is comfortable letting it all hang out. I learned the hard way, and Trouble doesn’t want to be in my spotlight. But a mention here and there isn’t out of the comfort zone.

This weekend, I’ll be doing another #MonsterWritingWeekend, updates on Facebook. Hopefully this will put PE3 close to completion. Then editing, beta, and more editing, and I can get it out the door. These #MWW have been a huge boost for me. When I wrote nearly thirty thousand words in three days, I realized I could do so much more than just a scene at a time. The end result isn’t as important to me at the end of the weekend, even if I thrive on the competition with Kate Aaron (my most consistent partner in crime). What is important is knowing I pushed myself, I didn’t settle for good enough and if I’m honest, the creation of new scenes gets my blood pumping. So I’ll keep doing it, and even if I never reach the stupid high word counts I set for myself (this weekend’s is 20K), I’m still doing more than I ever though I was capable.

God, I love this job!