Excerpt for the New WIP

Yesterday, I amused myself by writing a scene between brothers shortly after the older one, Kyle, comes out to his family that he’s gay and dating Jesse, who they previously thought was just his roommate. This scene is set at Chicago’s Pride parade and the evening after, and with a little liquid courage, his brother, Bobby, has all kinds of questions. (These questions are some of the things—minus what doesn’t exactly work with my physiology—I had people ask when I came out, so it was amusing to have a character be quicker on his feet than I was.) Enjoy.

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Sorry, Folks

I had to take down that last post. It was too much like rubbing sandpaper on an already very raw nerve. I thought maybe it would help to talk about it, but it wasn’t. It only made me feel worse. To those who commented, thank you for your very thoughtful words.