Consent is RELEASED!

Consent darker cover jpgAmazon ebook $5.99

All Romance eBooks $5.99

Barnes & Noble $5.99


12 thoughts on “Consent is RELEASED!

  1. So here is my crazy fan story. I had been checking ARE, BN, and Amazon every 20 min all day when I decided to try and do something productive. Watched pot and all that. So as I get out of my car my phone signals me and I see you post. I found the spot in target where their guest Internet signal is the strongest and downloaded the book immediately. This is gonna be the fastest shopping trip in history. I can’t wait to get home where I can read without interruption. Yeah I know I’m nuts but I’m also 62. I’ve earned the right to be crazy about anything I want! This was my 11th book so AR gave it to me free. I’m gonna donate what I would have spent to the LGBT teen group you told us about. You’re such a good soul AJ. Congratulation in advance on blockbuster sales!


  2. WooHoo!!! Just made my weekend. *sigh* Now, I am offta read starting with book 1…after all, gotta reread before read the new book. What? Doesn’t everyone do that? 🙂 Congrats on the new release and thanks for the heads up…

    hugs from your fan,


  3. A very big congratulations AJ. I read the first book in this series and was completely fact I have read them all at least three times..except for Consent. I am only on my second reading. Keep the fantastic stories coming – you are fabulous. I also donated to the LBGT teen group you recommended. LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!!


  4. I just finished Consent and I have to say I feel like Gavin, torn apart and put back together. You’re one of the few authors I let bring me through this emotional torture because I know you’ll carry me through the worst of it and reward my suffering in the end hence, making ours a BDSM relationship. In which case I will say, thank you mam may I have another. Amazingly heart wrenching but, peppered with the just the right amount of love, devotion and passion to make the journey worth it. Ben and Gavin will remain one of my favorite couples of all time. The example of everlasting love and strength in relationship one usually only finds in great love stories. I always thought their story wasn’t finished and now feel completely satisfied so thank you for this. Hopefully Brady and McKnight will have their stories told as well. Fantastic! Now excuse me while I go nurse my book hangover.


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