Lost N Found Youth

It’s no secret LGBT youth are most at risk for homelessness, human trafficking, and suicide, especially in the teen years. Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta is working hard to help these kids every day in one of the cities with a large population in need.

According to their website (http://lostnfoundyouth.org/) they are a young organization, not quite three years old, and very much in need of our help to achieve their goals. As such, and because Consent (Power Exchange Book 3) delves into the seedy underworld of human trafficking, I am making a pledge. I will donate 10% of the first two months of royalties from the sale of Consent to Lost n Found Youth.

We can all do a little bit to help and no amount is too small. Please consider your own donation to Lost n Found, or if the budget is too tight, spread the word about the book. It costs you nothing and can still do some good for these kids who get thrown out of their homes for being who they are.


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