Do I Wanna Know?*

*post title from Arctic Monkeys song title

In the wake of a book release, there’s usually a couple of interviews on review sites and maybe a blog hop or perhaps a spotlight somewhere. I’ve done a handful of these, both as myself and as a character (or group of them,  when Queers came out). I am okay at interviews, but I’m finding it harder to be original with the usual sets of questions, so I thought I might try something different this time.

I want you to ask me the questions.

What do you want to know? Do you want to ask a question of a specific character? Do you want to know something no one has ever asked? How about something related to a future story I’ve mentioned? (Like what happened to that boyband trilogy I was talking about?)

Well, fire away. In the comments if you wish, or if you want to remain more private,  You can also ask me on any one of my social media places if that’s more convenient. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


8 thoughts on “Do I Wanna Know?*

  1. How are you oriented? (No, not that way!) I am visually oriented. First thing I ask when someone gets something new… what color is it? If you’re giving me directions or trying to describe something, write them/it down. My husband remembers things by song lyrics. We were going here when this song played. This magic moment (pun intended, sorry!) happened to this song. So, what’s your thing?


  2. Hahaha! As soon as I read the first part of this I knew what I wanted to ask. Then I kept reading and you asked it yourself. Hahaha. So…what *about* the boyband story???


  3. Where do your inspirations come from? Real life experience … extrapolating on an idea … other books … movies? It must be both wonderful & depressing to hear all of the voices clattering to be heard & knowing if you start listening too close … you’ll have to write everything down! It would be too hard for me … AAA+ personality disorder … I wouldn’t be able to stop writing! Glad my Muse took one look inside my brain & ran the other way! I absolutely enjoy wherever your books take me! They are so visceral … so real … so a movie you can step right into! Thank you on advance for CONSENT & look forward to what adventure your going to take us on next! Love from Alaska


  4. I want to sit down on the sofa with Gavin—just the two of us—and have him tell me all about how he came to terms with the idea of submitting to Ben. I mean, I know what he told everybody in those books and all, but, I’m talking about the real blow-by-blow (NPI) of the realization dawning on him that this was something he could actually admit into the realm of possibility. There’s got to have been a pivotal moment that I’d really like to hear him reflect on—at some point in the very near future (*hint-hint*)—which was the key to opening himself then, and how that relates to the new possibilities he’s opening himself to now!


  5. I have always wanted to know how did you get your information and facts for writing such descriptive BDSM scenes between Ben and Gavin? You write with details and descriptions that put us in the scene with your characters. Idk if everything you have written with those scenes were actual facts, but I do know that if they were not you made us believe they were. I’m thinking right now about the suit they were to be measured for when they wanted to do breath play. I think, if memory serves me right, I’ve read from your other posts that you have never done BDSM scenes personally. Another scene is the rope when Ben wanted Gavin to just let go. Do you just search and search over the internet? Have you gone to clubs in order to witness first hand these scenes? Or maybe talk to actual people that do participate? Thank you for giving us this opportunity to pick your brain a little. 🙂


  6. I have a question. How much of your characters or situation do you draw from personal experience and how much is just imagination? Also, what is your process like? How do you begin a new story?


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