Consent is RELEASED!

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Lost N Found Youth

It’s no secret LGBT youth are most at risk for homelessness, human trafficking, and suicide, especially in the teen years. Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta is working hard to help these kids every day in one of the cities with a large population in need.

According to their website ( they are a young organization, not quite three years old, and very much in need of our help to achieve their goals. As such, and because Consent (Power Exchange Book 3) delves into the seedy underworld of human trafficking, I am making a pledge. I will donate 10% of the first two months of royalties from the sale of Consent to Lost n Found Youth.

We can all do a little bit to help and no amount is too small. Please consider your own donation to Lost n Found, or if the budget is too tight, spread the word about the book. It costs you nothing and can still do some good for these kids who get thrown out of their homes for being who they are.

Do I Wanna Know?*

*post title from Arctic Monkeys song title

In the wake of a book release, there’s usually a couple of interviews on review sites and maybe a blog hop or perhaps a spotlight somewhere. I’ve done a handful of these, both as myself and as a character (or group of them,  when Queers came out). I am okay at interviews, but I’m finding it harder to be original with the usual sets of questions, so I thought I might try something different this time.

I want you to ask me the questions.

What do you want to know? Do you want to ask a question of a specific character? Do you want to know something no one has ever asked? How about something related to a future story I’ve mentioned? (Like what happened to that boyband trilogy I was talking about?)

Well, fire away. In the comments if you wish, or if you want to remain more private,  You can also ask me on any one of my social media places if that’s more convenient. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Facebook Fuckery

Facebook has decided to enforce their real name policy and has suspended my author account.


In a giant, idiot move, they have also suspended Kate Aaron’s account for not using her real name. (Which, dude, that is her real name.)

I am likely not going to comply with their demands in order to reinstate my author account. Many people use pen/stage/alternate/nick names for a variety of reasons. The teacher who enjoys reading erotica but doesn’t need her students looking at her goodreads reviews. The prosecutor who has put dangerous people behind bars. The drag queen who could lose her job or be evicted legally in 29 states in our lovely country.

The author of m/m who has been fired once before for her writing.

One of the safety tips we’ve heard from the inception of the Internet is don’t give strangers your real name.

Facebook doesn’t get to dictate my safety. They don’t get to force me to risk another job (my employer probably wouldn’t fire me this time, but I work in a state where they legally could) in order to continue using their site for my promotions.

Facebook doesn’t get to force me to tell more information than I am comfortable giving because I’ve chosen a public career and am not okay being that searchable. The phone company never forced people to be listed in the phone book just to have a phone number. We could choose to be unlisted for our own safety.

So I will not be returning to Facebook. To those who have followed me there, my contact page has the other places I can be found. I will be exploring Google + as an alternative and will be talking with a marketing friend about setting up a newsletter. My blogging needs to pick up. I’m in the thick of getting Consent to edits so it might be the weekend before I can get G+ set up. I will keep you all posted on where I end up.

Facebook lost a user today. I’m small potatoes to them. But I’m done. That is not how you treat your users who are doing nothing wrong. They suggest I set up a fan page, but unless I pay them money, they will suppress my fan page. Also, I have a fan page. I can’t fucking log into it without giving you my real name, asshole Facebook.

And don’t think I haven’t noticed it’s drag queens and other LGBT affiliated people who are getting threatened.