Some of you may already know this, but last Saturday, when I had expected to be writing the last two scenes of Consent, I was instead camped out in the emergency room hoping to get a breathing treatment. Friday night, I had a bit of a sore throat. Saturday, I woke up and felt like I was drowning. One minute I was joking with the sassy, hot phlebotomist and discussing plot bunnies with Kate to put him in a story with the gymnastics teacher I’ve sworn for months needs his own story, and trying to convince the med student listening to my chest that no, I didn’t have chills or a fever or anything other than breathing problems. The next minute, I was listless on the gurney, suddenly shivering and battling cold sweats, and my temperature was 101.5°. The staff was talking about admitting me if I couldn’t get my oxygen saturation levels up to 95% and on the monitor they had me hooked to, I was lucky to be pulling 91 and the infernal thing kept beeping because I was dipping down into the high 80s.

They didn’t give me a choice. I had pneumonia and they weren’t going to let me leave. Four days in the hospital, a slew of tests, and many, many blood draws and shots of other sorts later, I have some answers to what completely derailed me for days. I likely have asthma, and I almost definitely have sleep apnea. The breathing issues coupled with my burning the midnight oil and skipping meals to write at every opportunity is what brought on the pneumonia, which the lung doctor said I likely had for a couple weeks before I noticed anything beyond the fatigue I always battle due to being severely anemic (and the sleep apnea I never knew I had). I have appointments out the wazoo to confirm all the suspicions in the next few weeks.

So my plans to have Consent in the hands of my betas this week went awry. I’m feeling a little better, but I’m still really weak, and easily tired out. They say it could be weeks before I’m full strength again. I can promise the book will still be released in September, but it will likely be the end of the month rather than the beginning or middle, like I’d hoped.

17 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. September, October, November… next year. Just whenever it comes will be great, don’t go rushing trying to get it out at the expense of your health. Hope you are feeling better.

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  2. You know…we don’t really care…..we can wait for the next installment…why you ask?? because your health comes first and hey we can always go back and read the first two again…so get better and get our book to us when you can xx


  3. I followed all this on FB 🙂 with fingers crossed the whole week 🙂

    All I can say (like everyone else) is please get fully better first – we need you healthy to keep writing these awesome books!! Really happy to WAIT for the next installment if it means your health and safety 🙂



  4. I know from far too much experience that pneumonia is exactly zero fun. Take care of yourself and get better. I’m happy to wait a bit longer for Consent, and I am sure I am not the only one. Hope you are feeling better soon!


  5. AJ. I am a critical care nurse. Take it from me. Let the book be late and take care of your health. Sleep apnea is manageable with a portable machine you use at night but it ain’t Sexy if you get my drift. Asthma is definitely manageable but you have to keep yourself healthy. Bottom line chronic respiratory diseases are inconvenient. You won’t die but you’ll wish you did if you don’t take care of yourself. Your fans would rather read Consent late than read it posthumously completed by a ghost writer. Besides, you have to keep being a great success. That’s the way you get sweet revenge on all those who tried to hold you down. Rest my friend and take care of your body. Your true fans are willing to wait.


    • I’m doing everything I’m instructed to do by the doctors and nurses. Believe me, that drowning in air feeling is not one I want to repeat. I asked them about my work level and they said I could write while recuperating. Even while I was in the hospital, as long as I felt ok doing it. I haven’t, since everything I write feels flat and lifeless, and I don’t want to put out less than my best work. But I’ll get my balance back. And I learned my lesson. I’m no college kid, pulling off all nighters and being able to party on the weekends without consequences. I have to take better care of myself. I’ve already quit smoking. Some exercise is next as soon as I feel up for it. Not doing this again. Scary.


  6. I’m so sorry about the hospital stay, but I’m grateful that you are better. Both asthma and sleep apnea are serious stuff so please take care of yourself. Consent will happen when it happens. We’re all looking forward to it though I’m not sure how I feel about saying goodbye to Ben and Gavin. But your health is the most important thing so be kind to yourself!


  7. AJ I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been this ill! Thank God you got to the hospital when you did. You concentrate on making yourself well. You’re loyal readers will be here when you get back. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.


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