Ben Speaks (and a Giveaway)

Take a mosey over to Diverse Reader for a look at what Dr. Ben Haverson has to say. He talks about his biggest fears, what he thinks about when he’s alone, and he’s revealing something new about Consent.

There is also a giveaway. It’s worth the few minutes to click the link. So move your mouse up. That’s it, get right up in that link’s business, and CLICK!


14 thoughts on “Ben Speaks (and a Giveaway)

  1. Loved the interview and cover. I already have all your books so no contest for me…….
    Do you think you might do paperbacks, like you did with Safeword and Power Exchange, for Queers and Consent……sometime, maybe? 🙂


    • Actually, with a little hindsight, I realized I have a couple copies of Queers with no homes, so I added to the giveaway a signed paperback of Queers to the winner. Go back and sign up and if you win, bonus!

      Queers is already available in paperback from Amazon.


  2. Good interview. Really miss Ben & Gavin.

    I also have all your books and I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand. I don’t think a paperback of Queers can reach me. So no contest for me neither.


  3. AJ. I loved the interview. I already own all your books on my nook. I have a precious few collection. These are books I enjoy so much I buy them in hard back for my library. Any chance that I’ll be able to add the power exchange series to that collection?


  4. Love hearing from Ben. So glad you brought him along AJ. Patiently waiting for Consent and the cover is outstanding. The red is an eye catcher, it’s like a magnet connected to your eyes.


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