Back to Business

So in an effort to get back to the business at hand, I have a couple things coming up that might be of interest.

First is an interview with the elusive Ben Haverson on Diverse Reader for Saturday, August 9th. Ben’s the quiet one, the one with enough mystery to him even I don’t have all his secrets. This interview will hopefully give some insight into what makes him tick, besides dominating Gavin.

Second, Ben will be revealing something about the upcoming final installment to the Power Exchange series, Consent.

Third, I’m in the mood for a lunchtime poll. I tend to ask these on Facebook, but not everyone is there and I kinda want to shake the tree a little, so to speak. So, this question has to do with reincarnation. You’re about to be reborn, and you can have one memory from this life to take with you. It can be anything, from knowledge that will help you through the next life to a place you love and want to remember so you can find it again in the next life. What’s your memory?

ETA: duh, forgot to mention Ben’s also giving away one of my books in the interview. Reader’s choice.


33 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. My memory isn’t a what, but a who (or a whom?). My husband. That’s all I need in any reincarnation or future life I get. He always says we are soulmates and he feels we’ve done this before…so I wanna do it again too! [BTW – thanks for doing this on the website – I’m one of the few that isn’t on Facebook.)


  2. The knowledge of music I have sweated and struggled to acquire. I want a head start in the next life instead of starting too little, too late.


    • Very interesting. Having been born into an English speaking family, that’s probably something I take for granted, but there’s no guarantee you’d come back speaking the language you’re used to! Excellent point.


  3. This is way too deep of a question. My head about exploded with the airplane one. I’m making myself sick thinking about this one, so I think I’ll step back and remind myself “it’s not real – it’s just a hypothetical question” and see what everyone else puts. LOL. ❤


  4. The knowledge that I (probably) have “submissive” tendencies which I’d like to explore 🙂 But if not that, I’d like to carry over my thirst for knowledge and the ability to absorb information 🙂
    Wow, what a question 🙂


  5. Oooh interesting! I guess like other folk have said, it would mostly be family that I would want to stay connected with through other lives… although I can think of at least one of mine who I’ve seen enough of in this life so how annoying would it be if we had to meet up in the next too!


  6. This was tough! I guess it would be the knowledge that took me nearly 40 years to figure out: there is no magic man in the sky.

    I asked my best friend, he said it would be all that he’d learned in therapy so that in the next life he would start off less neurotic!


  7. I spent the past two hours thinking about this. My first thought was the memory of either my husband or my daughter but then I realized I ‘recognized’ Dermot and knew I would end up marrying him before we’d exchanged a single word or knew each others names. I trust that would happen again. The same is true for my daughter; I ‘recognized’ her too the moment I had her in my arms.
    So the one memory I want to hang on to is a lesson I learned when I was 35; a lesson I had to nearly die to learn. I should always trust my instincts and the signals my body sends me. Nobody but me can feel what’s going on inside of me therefore when push comes to shove, I must believe what my body and intuition tell me.

    Phew, a very serious answer to what was probably a fun question, but there you have it.


  8. My husband and my son. One is my heart the other is my strength. I couldn’t imagine any life without the two of them in it.


  9. I know you said only one but today is my birthday so I’m taking two. (Honestly it was just hard to choose). So i would like to keep inside me a lesson that was hard learned. The content of our character comes not from never falling but from the fact that we get up every time we fall. The second is to know right off the bat that the heart just wants what it wants and it will lie to get it so trust your core instincts. No matter how pretty it is, if it smells bad it’s probably other words be true to who I am inside


  10. Several people have already said what I would like to take with me into the next life and that is the ability to trust myself, my feelings and be able to ask for what I need, stand up to people who belittle and give the people who are important in my life what they need and not be embarrassed to express my feelings for them, and in my family that was so rarely done I can’t remember ever hearing “I love you” from my mom before she died. I’ve learned to say it now no matter how difficult it is……my kid hears it all the time as well as the other important people in my life.

    I just don’t want to take most of my life to learn that so I want it in the next life :).


  11. The knowledge to know from a young age how precious every moment of life is and not to waste an instant on self doubt, fear etc. and to know how important it is to be present at every moment.


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