Some of you may already know this, but last Saturday, when I had expected to be writing the last two scenes of Consent, I was instead camped out in the emergency room hoping to get a breathing treatment. Friday night, I had a bit of a sore throat. Saturday, I woke up and felt like I was drowning. One minute I was joking with the sassy, hot phlebotomist and discussing plot bunnies with Kate to put him in a story with the gymnastics teacher I’ve sworn for months needs his own story, and trying to convince the med student listening to my chest that no, I didn’t have chills or a fever or anything other than breathing problems. The next minute, I was listless on the gurney, suddenly shivering and battling cold sweats, and my temperature was 101.5°. The staff was talking about admitting me if I couldn’t get my oxygen saturation levels up to 95% and on the monitor they had me hooked to, I was lucky to be pulling 91 and the infernal thing kept beeping because I was dipping down into the high 80s.

They didn’t give me a choice. I had pneumonia and they weren’t going to let me leave. Four days in the hospital, a slew of tests, and many, many blood draws and shots of other sorts later, I have some answers to what completely derailed me for days. I likely have asthma, and I almost definitely have sleep apnea. The breathing issues coupled with my burning the midnight oil and skipping meals to write at every opportunity is what brought on the pneumonia, which the lung doctor said I likely had for a couple weeks before I noticed anything beyond the fatigue I always battle due to being severely anemic (and the sleep apnea I never knew I had). I have appointments out the wazoo to confirm all the suspicions in the next few weeks.

So my plans to have Consent in the hands of my betas this week went awry. I’m feeling a little better, but I’m still really weak, and easily tired out. They say it could be weeks before I’m full strength again. I can promise the book will still be released in September, but it will likely be the end of the month rather than the beginning or middle, like I’d hoped.

Consent Coming September 2014

I’ve been vague about the release date of the third Power Exchange book, and that’s mainly because I’m still writing it. But I’m nearing the end, and my betas are all ready to go with Fen on standby for edits. I should have it available in September. When I can get the editing nailed down, I’ll have a specific date.

In the meantime, I’ve revealed the cover over on Diverse Reader, but haven’t shown it much of anywhere else. I think it’s time to change that, don’t you?

Consent darker cover jpg


I’m excited. Are you excited? I’m really excited!

Not long now…

Ben Speaks (and a Giveaway)

Take a mosey over to Diverse Reader for a look at what Dr. Ben Haverson has to say. He talks about his biggest fears, what he thinks about when he’s alone, and he’s revealing something new about Consent.

There is also a giveaway. It’s worth the few minutes to click the link. So move your mouse up. That’s it, get right up in that link’s business, and CLICK!

Back to Business

So in an effort to get back to the business at hand, I have a couple things coming up that might be of interest.

First is an interview with the elusive Ben Haverson on Diverse Reader for Saturday, August 9th. Ben’s the quiet one, the one with enough mystery to him even I don’t have all his secrets. This interview will hopefully give some insight into what makes him tick, besides dominating Gavin.

Second, Ben will be revealing something about the upcoming final installment to the Power Exchange series, Consent.

Third, I’m in the mood for a lunchtime poll. I tend to ask these on Facebook, but not everyone is there and I kinda want to shake the tree a little, so to speak. So, this question has to do with reincarnation. You’re about to be reborn, and you can have one memory from this life to take with you. It can be anything, from knowledge that will help you through the next life to a place you love and want to remember so you can find it again in the next life. What’s your memory?

ETA: duh, forgot to mention Ben’s also giving away one of my books in the interview. Reader’s choice.