A Wink and a Wave

*blows in mic* This thing on?


Those of you who’ve come here from my old blog may be wondering why I changed addresses, got rid of my old posts, and in general started over with my website. Well, sometimes a fresh start just feels necessary. There’ve been a lot of changes in the last year, including my moving, adopting pets, and a couple book releases that have opened up some real possibilities for me. So a reorganization seemed prudent, and in doing so, I hope to keep this space better maintained.

For those who are new here, I’m a thirty-something writer of LGBT romance (though truth be told, I want to push the boundaries of typical romances with every story) with an evil day job and a deep, abiding love of sarcasm. I read as much as I can, pretty much exclusively in the m/m genre, and one thing that keeps me sane is music. AJ Rose is a pen name. I’m using a pen name because I need a cushion between my online life and my real life, so those who know me for real don’t have me committed. Certain details about me are embellished for the sake of secrecy in my offline life, but the thoughts and opinions you’ll see here are really mine. Deception is not my purpose. Safety for me and those I know and love is.

I’m often snarky, usually happy, and quite often, so klutzy, I’m either wearing part of my lunch or injured in some way. I’m unnaturally attracted to Red Bull and sexy men, and nearly anything from life or daily interactions is fair game for fiction. I need a t-shirt that says, “Be careful. I’m writing a book and you just might end up in it.” I’ll get right on that.

If you’re so inclined, poke around my ebooks page for the latest releases, and the coming soon one that tells what I’m working on at the moment. I’ve had two best sellers, Power Exchange and Safeword, and am a 2013 Rainbow Awards winner, and I hope that means some day soon, I can shorten my commute from an hour to stumbling down the stairs to the coffee maker for life sustaining caffeine. Stick around. It’s bound to be interesting, and that means it can go either way. Say hi if you want! I don’t bite. Much.


19 thoughts on “A Wink and a Wave

  1. Another transferee here!
    Like the colours, makes the heading more sultry somehow!
    Hope the writing weekend produces something new


  2. New site rocks! You are one of the few authors I follow online and really appreciate the invite so I could follow you on over here. \m/


  3. This is WOW, very nice & put a BIG smile on my face! You got a lot going on but looking forward to checking in here every now & again & hearing your crazy tales of all things AJ. Sending you a non hug 😘


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